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Meet The Team

Erwin Raughley


Erwin Raughley has been in the pipe business since 1980 and is a second generation steel pipe businessman learning the industry at an early age by his late father, Pete Raughley. Erwin is married to Kathy Dorsett and they have three children, Winn (Whitney) Raughley, Caroline (Hayes) Luscher, and Hayden (Drew) Barnett as well as six grandchildren (Reynolds, Raughley, Winn IV, Dowling, Vivian and Hayes Jr).

Winn Raughley

Vice President

Winn Raughley is the Vice President of EER Group, Inc. He holds a finance degree from The University of Alabama and began his career in the steel industry working summers in his father’s pipe yard.  He currently sits on the NASPD Board of directors. Winn is married to Whitney Dowling and they have two children (Winn and Dowling).

Margo Palmer


Margo Palmer is the controller of EER Group, Inc. Margo holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from The University of Alabama and is a certified public accountant. Her career highlights include working as the controller at Barber’s Ice Cream Plant. She is married to Joey, and they are the parents of three teenagers (Jaclyn, Jay and Jesse).